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Let us add to your party with one of our special party additions! You can order anything from custom Hershey Bar Pocketbooks, to Kit Kat Wallets! Or how about personalized Coloring Books featuring YOU! We offer so much to make your fiesta one to remember!! If you need in bulk, please check out our Party Packages!

These prices include the treat as well as the wrapper/design! If your looking for just the labels; Pretty In Primp offers that as well.

Pricing is per 10 Favors.


We have a healthy variety of snacks that you can choose from for your treats. Please add the selection you’d like for your treats from the options we have listed below, in the description box . *IF YOU DO NOT CHOOSE AN OPTION, ONE WILL BE CHOSEN FOR YOU.*


🎉Chip Bags: 18oz Variety Pack, Cheez-Its, Goldfish , Pretzels, Popcorn

🎉Juice Pouches: Capri Sun {Juice}, Capri Sun {Water}, Kool-Aid Jammers

🎉Chocolates Bar: Hershey Bars {Dark, Milk, Almond}, Kit Bat Bar


For our custom goodie boxes, coloring books, & puzzles please email us if you require use of a picture.


The design presented before you is a generic design, or a product that we have created for a customer of ours. The ensemble is meant to show you the style, look, and quality of the tutu. The glassware, treats, and centerpieces are meant to show you our work and what we are capable of creating. If you have seen a design that we have created and want us to replicate or seen a set online that look please send us an email to Please note that if we did NOT design or create the merchandise you’ve sent, we cannot guarantee a spot on look, however we will do our very best to make the design to your liking.

Fun Favors

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