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About Us

Raised in Long Island New York, Sheena Pointer comes from a hard working family. In 2016, she and her husband decided to relocate their family to Waterbury, CT to provide a better life financially. It was then that she decided to go into business for herself and established Pretty In Primp. 


Pretty In Primp started out in a marble notebook as ideas, thoughts, and creations. She wanted her children to know that you can own your own business and work for yourself if you really put your mind to it! One thing lead to another and in 2017 she had came up with a name, had a logo made, and had a business model she wanted to share with the world! 


In March of 2017 she attended her first  vendor event and sold a few items but was hooked to the excitement of people viewing, loving, and purchasing her merchandise. It was from then on that she knew Pretty In Primp would be something special and near and dear to her heart. Working tirelessly to make sure she can alway create great quality work within a reasonable time frame, at an affordable price for families. With 9 different tutu style variations, she dubbed herself the “Fluff Expert” and all those who purchase items from her Tutu Department, your daughter becomes Primpcess!


In 2018, Sheena came up with the idea of giving back to her community. Due to her certification in Early Childcare Education from a Wilson Technology in NY & college studies in the same field, she has always had a passion for working with children. With her new business venture with her specializing in girls clothes in accessories, she decided to host her first fashion show! 


The following year, 2019, she held her first fashion show “Made In Mahogany” at the Palace Theatre in Waterbury, CT. It was more then just a show, but an event that taught her model students, ages 4-11, self-esteem, socialization skills, friendship building, and even educated on the pieces they were wearing and who they were representing! With rehearsals, professional photography, and our own dubbed jitter walks the girls aced their performance! Since then the Pretty In Primp Fashion Show became an annual attribute the community looks forward to joining, supporting, and viewing first hand! 

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